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Welcome to Caster's (Original) Blog

Before there was "catfishing," there was Caster.

It all started with a simple question: Would it be possible to create a fictional blogger real enough to pass as a real person?

Author Marcus Alexander Hart (aka LiveJournal user marcus132) began an online social experiment to find out. Starting in February 2004 and continuing for one full year, Marcus maintained a blog in the persona of mild-mannered internet geek Ray Caster (aka rcaster1138).

By engaging with random strangers through LiveJournal interest searches, "Caster" amassed dozens of followers. His posts started out simply enough, with complaints about his job and his moronic friends. But in time, these seemingly insignificant bits of daily drudgery snowballed into epic plot twists too outlandish to be believed.

But his followers did believe, leaving over 2,400 comments guiding their hapless friend through the minefield of love.

Nine months after "Ray Caster" made his final post, Marcus returned to this journal to tell the internet the truth about Ray Caster. Their reactions are immortalized in their own words in the comments on this post.

Soon after the revelation, the entries from this journal were collected and edited into a novel entitled Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story. As the book continued to attract new readers to Caster's saga of love and office drama, filmmaker Austin McKinley (in association with Flying Car Pictures, Approach Signal, and the Manasota Films Project) brought the world of the book to life as a short film.

In celebration of fifteen years since Caster posted his first horrendous HR Julie poem, Canaby Press is proud to announce a revised and expanded anniversary edition of Caster's Blog, featuring cover art from the film and an epilogue by Austin McKinley.

Originally Caster's story was as contemporary as they come, told online in real time as events unfolded. Today it's become a retro throwback, filled with mentions of TiVo, Star Trek: Voyager, and Yahoo! Yellow Pages. Though the references are charmingly outdated, Caster's story of love, loss, and geeky redemption is timeless, and we're excited to introduce it to a new generation of readers.

Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story is available to buy on Amazon.com, or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited.

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