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Ray Caster
11 September
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Hi, I'm Ray Caster, and this is my blog. Um... I'm really bad at these bio things. How about this: You can picture me as four parts Harry Kim, three parts the Doctor, two parts Tuvok, one part Tom Paris, and zero parts Neelix.

Screw Neelix.

Anyway, I have a pretty ordinary... okay, *pathetic* sort of life. My TiVo is my best friend. Well, that's not entirely true. Turbo Dan is my best friend. But, as his name might suggest, Turbo Dan can be kind of, you know, *a colossal moron*. But he means well. I think.

I work at the main office of a credit union, which is about a thousand times less thrilling than it sounds. But at least my co-workers keep the day interesting. Between the homophobic loudmouth who sits next to me and the poetry-spewing Vogon in the HR office, every day is a bold new challenge in the field of not *blowing my brains out*.

So life kind of sucked. But then everything changed on the day I met that goddess from the auto parts store...
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